Teddy Loves You No.2


TEDDY-LOVES-YOU No.2 is about 19x24cm (a bit smaller the A4), and is about 7cm deep. Made in high quality linen fabric, from The Catharsis Fabric Collection hand sewn with hand applied glass beads. Filled with light fluffy stuff which is safe for humans and animals, but it is not made for consumption! It will be sent to you in biodegradable packaging.



TEDDY-LOVES-YOU came to life during Christmas 2019.
Whether you had a Teddy Bear of your own – or not – there is something about teddy bears… Inspired by the Inner Child and generations of women and men who used their hands to make toys…

Each TEDDY-LOVES-YOU has it’s own unique number, and is hand made in the heart of the English countryside from the Stepnik Home and Space Fabrics Collection

It will be sent to you in biodegradable packaging as we do love our natural environment and we want it to last…

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